Do your online courses earn any Graduate Level credits?

Our online courses earn 3 Graduate Level Semester credits or 4.5 Graduate Level Quarter credits each by MidAmerica Nazarene University.

Are credits in your online program transferable to the degree program in which I am currently enrolled?

Our online courses are intended to fulfill requirements for licensure renewal and for lane change when the student has obtained prior approval from his/her district office. Different institutions have different guidelines as to the possibility of transferring credits to their degree programs. Please contact your academic advisor before registering to find out if the credits of the course in which you are interested would be transferable.

How do I receive a transcript  upon completion of my online course?

MidAmerica Nazarene University does not automatically mail grades to students. Grades can be obtained by going to the MNU Online Continuing Education website.

You can begin the transcript request process by visiting the MNU Transcript Request web page.

How do I know that one of your online courses may be applied for either continuing education credits toward relicensure or for a lane change on the salary schedule of my school district?

You need to receive prior approval for either of these from the superintendent of your school district before registering for one of our online courses. 


Fill out the registration form online (use the Registration Link on the desired course)

    Are your courses approved by the Wisconsin DPI?

    Yes.  Because the university with whom we partner is accredited, they are DPI approved.

    What if I register for a course, then find out that I need to cancel? Can I get a refund?

    We do not offer any refunds for our online courses.

    Are your online courses also considered graduate level (i.e. are three graduate credits earned per course)

    Yes, all of our online courses earn 3 graduate level credits.

    I was just wondering how your on-line courses work: When do they start? How long do they run? How often do you need to work on the course? What is the coursework like, etc.?

    1. Start virtually anytime.
    2. Take from two to six weeks to complete your course.
    3. Keep a log of time spent on the course to add up to 45 hours for your 3 semester credits.
    4. The course is self-contained; you do not need textbooks.
    5. Coursework consists of an ongoing exchange of e-mails between the student and the instructor and the completion of formal assignments and tasks which comprise the course "books." This work will be e-mailed to the instructor so that it may be printed out and reviewed.
    6. All in all, our online courses are:
    • Convenient
    • Self-Paced
    • Affordable
    • Practical
    • Facilitated by Experienced Teachers
    • User-Friendly

    Do your online courses require student interaction, i.e., responding to classmates in a chat room?

    You will work alone with no student interaction except with the instructor per your assignment.

    Have any other questions?