Developing Policies

EDCI 6207 Developing Policies

$ 349.00

The aim of this course is to provide professional development and some practical tools for the leadership group, teachers and principals who wish to improve their understanding of policies and of how they can be used to compliment the school's own values.
The course will be useful for:
• school leaders - to remind themselves of the techniques of policy making
• principals - to help their understanding of their strategic role in this area
• support staff and middle managers - to increase their understanding of the significance of a school policy and of how to develop policies for their area of responsibility
• all teachers - in helping them to understand the complexities of the school as an organization and to equip them for future management roles
As you work through the course you will:
• consider and reconsider your own definition of what policies are
• explore how policies are used as part of the school development plan
• consider the implications for your school in setting and implementing policies
• develop a policy for your school or department which reflects your school values