EDCI 6217  Effective Orientation

EDCI 6217 Effective Orientation

$ 349.00

The aim of this course is to help schools devise program of orientation that are suitable for the needs of each inductee. Through this course you will:

  • consider how to help inductees to take responsibility for their learning
  • maximize opportunities for new and existing inductees to learn about their role within your school 
  • consider how best to evaluate induction at your school
  • produce a handbook for orientation at your school

This course has four modules:

  • Module 1: Induction basics 
  • Module 2: The fundamentals of effective induction
  • Module 3: Inducting newly hired teachers and temporary staff
  • Module 4: Creating an orientation handbook 

As well as learning about the various components of effective induction, during this course you will be combining the theoretical with the practical by:

  • conducting an audit of existing induction practices at your school
  • exploring the changes that could be made
  • gathering the relevant information needed to ensure effective induction in your school 
  • creating an orientation handbook for your school