EDCI 6219  Developing International Mindedness

EDCI 6219 Developing International Mindedness

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EDCI 6219  Developing International Mindedness

If you work in an international school it's important you understand the inherent complexity of international mindedness, and the variety of ways it can be interpreted. 

The aim of this course is to provide you with a background to key developments that help drive the growth of international education, and to help you examine the concept of international mindedness and the extent to which it's promoted in your school.

The course will be useful to everyone in international schools, especially

  • school leaders, administrators and school board members 
  • classroom teachers

Some of the Activities and Tasks deal with sensitive issues and some may not be easy for you to be involved with. If you feel uncomfortable or unable to complete any Task or Activity, then you can move on, but do record your reasons in your Student book.

This course will open doors and pose problems and challenges. It's for you to explore these and draw your own conclusions. We won't attempt to provide definitive answers as this would contradict the indeterminate nature of international mindedness.

The course has four modules: 

  • Module 1: Historical introduction 
  • Module 2: International mindedness and the teacher 
  • Module 3: International mindedness and the student 
  • Module 4: Bringing it all together