EDCI 6235 Motivational Mentoring

EDCI 6235 Motivational Mentoring

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For many years, mentoring has been seen as a way of helping individuals to develop in order to reach their potential. For some, the mentor was seen as an experienced or senior person within an organization who looked after a younger protégé. But things have changed – there is now a new approach to mentoring that every team leader, manager or principal should know about. 

This course will help you to develop your abilities to become an effective and motivational mentor. 

Through your new understanding of advanced mentoring processes, you will gain greater personal job satisfaction. You will also be able to help your colleagues become self-motivated and self-directed learners, assist their personal professional development and all round school improvement.

Motivational mentoring is not about assessment or judging the performance of another person. It's particularly suitable for people involved with improving the confidence and supporting the development of people in middle and senior management positions in schools, colleges and universities, i.e., reasonably experienced professionals. People who have reached a stage in their career where their colleagues see them as credible and trustworthy will welcome the opportunities that this course presents.