EDCI 8344 Managing your Facilities

EDCI 8344 Managing your Facilities

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Many schools have moved on from the traditional concept of caretaker and are developing new roles, like site or premises manager. This involves their staff in different tasks and requires them not only to think in different ways, but to act in different ways also.

This course aims to help the leadership team and administrative staff as well as facilities managers to develop an understanding of the diverse nature of good facilities management in schools. 

As you work through the course, you will: 

  • examine your definition of facilities management and become more aware of the critical role it plays in your school's success 
  • reflect on health and safety issues relating to your school, including the health and training needs of your staff and making risk assessments 
  • understand, investigate and evaluate your school's security issues and be able to complete a security evaluation

The course is a "nuts and bolts" overview of facilities management for school leadership teams, facilities managers and others. It outlines the basic duties and responsibilities involved in managing school facilities and offers tasks and activities to help you become more aware and more effective. This course is also useful to other staff who would like to increase their awareness of how best to achieve efficient and effective facilities management.